The Country's Largest Ghost Town.

Once a thriving old west town full of miners, bootleggers, and gamblers, Jerome, Arizona is now a bustling tourist destination full of artists, musicians, and gift shop proprietors. Jerome is home to the Little Daisy mine, a copper mine that once sustained a population of around 15,000 people in the 1920’s. Today, the mine is closed, and Jerome is known as the largest ghost town in America.

Dedicated in the 1960’s, Jerome is now a national historic site. Located within the State Historic Park is the Douglas Mansion. Originally built in 1916 as the home of the mine owner, James S. Douglas, it has since been turned into a museum devoted to the history of the Jerome area and the mining that sustained it. Another museum dedicated solely to mining is located on the main street.

Take a historic or ghost town walking tour of the city to get the full Jerome experience. The kids can even pan for gold at the Gold King Mine. 

One of the hidden gems of Jerome though is the food. Being on a mountain in the middle of the desert has not stopped the people of Jerome from developing some of the finest cuisine. Check out Bobby D’s BBQ for some delicious barbecue. For high class dining in a ghost town, make a reservation at Grapes or The Mine Cafe. 

Jerome Ruin Photograph by Alan Levine; Main Street Jerome Photograph by Finetooth; Ghost Town Photograph by Andrew Dunn


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