On the border between Utah and Arizona, in the Glen Canyon National Park, lies Lake Powell. Only a three hour drive from our home, the area boasts some of the most striking scenery in the United States. Be aware though: the area’s temperatures are similar to Phoenix temperatures, sometimes reaching 100 degrees in the summer. 

The lake is not actually a lake but the second largest man made water reservoir in the United States. In the 1960’s the United States Federal Government built the Glen Canyon Dam, which caused Glen Canyon, a natural rock canyon, to flood.

Glen Canyon National Park is host to the world’s highest natural stone bridge, Rainbow Bridge. While you could go on a three-day overland hike to see this wonder, we would suggest taking a relaxing, two-hour long boat ride instead with Lake Powell Marinas. The boat will drop you off at a docking point that is a 3/4 mile hike from the bridge. In all the trip lasts about 8 hours. Departure times vary depending on the season. Check out the Lake Powell Marinas website for more details and to book. 

Don’t miss Horseshoe Bend on your way into Lake Powell. On Highway 89, just between mile posts 544 & 545, is the entrance to the parking area at the trailhead of the Horseshoe Bend Scenic View. A three-quarter mile hike will take you to the rim of the canyon overseeing the place where the Colorado River snakes around the canyon, forming a horseshoe. 

Lake Photograph Pixabay; Rainbow Bridge Photograph Public Domain; Horseshoe Bend Photograph by Steve Jurvetson 


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