Channel your inner John Wayne with a trip to Monument Valley.

210 miles north of the Firelight, lies Monument Valley. Formed over centuries, these towering sandstone buttes are unlike anything else in the world. Old westerns made the area famous, and it is now a Navajo Tribal Park. Visitors can drive the 17-mile dirt road that runs between the rocks. We also recommend staying at least until the sun goes down. Sunset here is awe-inspiring.

Get the most out of your trip to monument valley and take a tour with a Navajo guide. In fact, portions of the valley, mystery valley and hunts mesa in particular, are only accessible with a Navajo tour guide. While being able to see unique sites, a tour guide will share the local history and culture of the area. Take a guided tour by car or take a horseback tour for a truly unique experience.


Finally, don’t miss Forrest Gump Point on your way in! Located on US-163, the famous view of Monument Valley featured in the movie Forrest Gump is not to be missed. GPS coordinates: 37.101393, -109.990973. The best time for photography is in the morning, midday, and early afternoon so you will face away from the sun. The spot is just a 20-minute drive from the Visitor Center. 

Horseback Photograph by katsrcool; Forrest Gump Point Photograph by Larry Lamsa; Hunts Mesa Photograph by Gleb Tarro 


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