There is not a crayon color named "Sedona Red" for nothing...

The red rocks of Sedona, Arizona are unlike anything else on the planet, and definitely worth a day trip.


Hiking through the rocks is half the fun of a trip to Sedona. It is a must when you visit. check out some of the hiking trails here. My two favorites are the Devil’s Bridge Trail and the Cathedral Rock Trail. Additionally, just a short drive will bring you into Oak Creek Canyon which is full of hiking trails. If you are going to park at any of the trail heads, make sure that you get a Red Rocks Pass available at the vending machines at most trail heads or at gas stations around the city.  An America the Beautiful Pass can substitute for a Red Rocks Pass.

Feel like going off-roading with a tour guide instead of going for a hike? Check out a Pink Jeep TourArizona Safari Tour, or a Red Rock Western Jeep Tour around Sedona. These tours book up ahead of time, especially the less frequent ones, so book ahead. 


It’s no surprise that this beautiful place has inspired some beautiful art. Walk down gallery row to see local art on display or enjoy the many outdoor statutes around the city. We like to make statue sighting a fun game for the kids to play when we visit. Whoever spots the most statues wins! 

Many people also believe that Sedona is a spiritual place. Don’t be surprised if you hear talk of spiritual vortexes and crystal healing. If you’re interested in learning more about the spiritual side of Sedona, visit Sedona’s tourism page here


Finally, my favorite Sedona fun fact is that the McDonalds in Sedona is the only one in the world with turquoise arches instead of the iconic golden arches. This is because at the time the McDonalds was built, Sedona’s zoning board required that all buildings blend into the natural surroundings. Yellow clashed too much with the red rocks, so McDonalds ordered a special turquoise blue sign to compliment the scenery. 

Sedona Road Photograph by Ken Lund; Devil’s Bridge Photograph by Matthew Field; Sedona Statue Photograph by Inkknife_2000; McDonalds Arches Photograph Public Domain

Drive through Oak Creek Canyon on your way down to Sedona.



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Cottonwood Arizona Main Street


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